Conclusion: Our Working Definition

After much deliberation and inquiry, we’ve come to the conclusion that the working definition for the Canadian identity is wrapped in development. The idea of the “journey” is so central to us as a nation because we do not see ourselves as a finished country, but rather an entity that in a lot of ways is still under construction. The Canadian identity is hard to solidify because of our multicultural societies and spread out landscape, but that which makes us difficult to define is also what makes us such a beautiful nation. It’s easy for Canadians to identify themselves as “Not American” but we are indeed so much more than that. We reflect our picturesque landscape in our literature, art, music and popular culture, and it is indeed more than were we live, but a reflection of who we are. This can be seen in the stunning P.E.I landscape described in Emily of New Moon, descriptions of Vancouver and the B.C interior in Obasan, Molson Canadian adverts, the 2010 Vancouver Olympic opening and closing ceremonies and so many more outlets that it is undeniable how tied to our terrain our identity as Canadians is. Because of this appreciation for the journey, and the realization that we are still a developing country and as such are far from perfect (as all countries are), we are able to embrace the stereotypes, using them to create our own personal brand of humour that helps us identify ourselves. We are aware of the stereotypes and just as they are a part of the vision of Canada on the international stage, how we interact with these stereotypes is an integral part of our vision of ourselves.
Our landscape, our people, and our journey are the three most important elements of the working definition of the Canadian identity. We sincerely hope that this working definition never becomes something less fluid and more rigid and traditionally definable, because the fluidity of the working definition is in itself Canadian; We as a country and as Canadians are very much still on a journey.

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